Through press and public relations work, WBGU aims to raise awareness of the challenges of globally sustainable development.

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Press Releases31.08.2018, Berlin

UN Climate Change Conference in Katowice: Make climate policy ‘just & in-time’

Press Releases22.04.2017, Berlin

WBGU supports March for Science on 22 April 2017

Press Releases15.02.2017, Berlin

WBGU: Global challenges can only be resolved together

Press Releases22.12.2016, Berlin

Sabine Schlacke and Dirk Messner new chairs of the WBGU

Press Releases13.12.2016, Berlin

Germany’s G20 Presidency called upon to back a new project for humankind

Press Releases20.10.2016, Berlin

Habitat III has ended: Conference comes up short

Press Releases25.04.2016, Berlin

Humanity on the move: Unlocking the transformative power of cities

Press Releases12.12.2015, Berlin

Global climate agreement adopted – now actions must follow

Press Releases17.06.2015, Berlin

WBGU chair Schellnhuber presents Pope Francis’ environmental encyclical

Press Releases17.09.2014, Berlin

Climate Protection as a World Citizen Movement

Press Releases04.06.2014, Berlin

Fight poverty – by protecting the environment!

Press Releases05.06.2013, Berlin

Oceans are the heritage of mankind

Press Releases23.11.2012, Berlin/Dessau-Roßlau

The prospects for Doha – we must use the time available up to 2020

Press Releases06.09.2012, Berlin

Now mobilize private capital for the global energy transformation