The Secretariat is the hub of the WBGU. It contributes its scientific expertise, coordinates processes, organizes logistical workflows, and curates events. In consultation with the Council, it develops cooperation and communication formats and is the contact interface for ministries, the press and the public. The Secretariat has ten employees, including seven scientists.

Current members of the Council  The Council's research analysts

Viola Märtin

Contact Person
Secretariat, Event Management 

Telefon: 030 263948 0 Fax: 030 263948 50
E-Mail schreiben: E-Mail

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Prof. Dr. Maja Göpel


Telefon: 030 263948 0E-Mail schreiben: E-Mail

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Dr. Carsten Loose

Deputy Secretary-General

Telefon: 030 263948 11E-Mail schreiben: E-Mail

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Dr. Benno Pilardeaux

Head of Media and Public Relations

Telefon: 030 263948 12E-Mail schreiben: E-Mail

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Dr. Astrid Schulz

Senior Scientist, Climate and Energy

Telefon: 030 263948 17E-Mail schreiben: E-Mail

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Marcel J. Dorsch, M.A. Dipl.-Päd. (Univ.)

Research Analyst Political Science and Global Governance

Telefon: 030 263948 20E-Mail schreiben: E-Mail

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Dr. Jan Siegmeier

Research Analyst Economy

Telefon: 030 263948 18 E-Mail schreiben: E-Mail

Martina Schneider-Kremer, M.A.

Publishing Management

Telefon: 030 263948 13E-Mail schreiben: E-Mail

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Mario Rinn, B.Sc.

System Administration and Graphics

Telefon: 030 263948 14E-Mail schreiben: E-Mail

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