Press Release22.04.2017, Berlin

WBGU supports March for Science on 22 April 2017

Peace, prosperity, democracy and the development of humanity are at least partly based on science, research, technology, innovation and education. With global interrelations becoming increasingly complex, the search for solutions needs independent and internationally networked science and research. Freedom of research is a key element of our democracies. The great global challenges – e.g. implementing the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris climate agreement – can only be met through social, technological and institutional innovations. Science has a duty to take on the problems of our time and to engage in a dialogue with societal actors.

The WBGU is alarmed at a growing hostility towards science and a politically motivated questioning of fact-based statements. From the denial of climate change to absurd conspiracy theories spun in particular by authoritarian and populist movements and governments, scientifically substantiated facts are being disputed, and proven untruths presented as 'alternative facts'. In order to address society's great issues, we need a free science that can confront public debate with truths, however inconvenient some of them may be.

The WBGU therefore supports the March for Science, which will be celebrated worldwide on Earth Day, 22 April 2017. All citizens who believe that independent science is important are invited to join us – and not only scientists.

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