Press Release10.12.2007, Berlin

German Environmental Aid 2007 media award goes to Stefan Rahmstorf

The 2007 German Environmental Aid (Deutsche Umwelthilfe, DUH) environmental award (special award category) will be given today to WBGU member Stefan Rahmstorf.

The DUH award is an acknowledgement of the climate researcher’s huge commitment to scientifically accurate reporting about humaninduced climate change and its impacts.

Since 2000 Stefan Rahmstorf has been Professor of Oceanic Physics in Potsdam and head of the Earth System Analysis research domain at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. Prior to this he was a researcher at the New Zealand Oceanographic Institute and at the Institute of Marine Sciences in Kiel (1991-1996). In 1999 he received a research award from the American McDonnell Foundation valued at one million dollars. He is one of the lead authors of the new UN climate report from the IPCC. In addition to having 50 studies published in scientific journals, Rahmstorf has also written numerous newspaper articles as well as three books aimed at a general public audience. He has been a member of WBGU since 2004.