Press Release09.09.2020, Berlin

WBGU Secretary-General moves to The New Institute in Hamburg

Maja Göpel will move to the newly founded The New Institute in Hamburg as Scientific Director on 1 November 2020. After a three-year stint as Secretary-General of the German Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU), she will once again devote more time to transformation research and will help to establish an institute that focuses on transdisciplinary work and science communication.

Photo: Kai Müller

The two WBGU Co-Chairs Sabine Schlacke and Karen Pittel congratulate Maja Göpel on her new responsibilities. "We would like to thank her for the very good and intensive cooperation, her extraordinary commitment and her very successful public representation of the WBGU and wish her an exciting time at the new institute on behalf of the entire team. We are pleased that Maja Göpel will be able to devote herself more intensively to her own research in her new position and are convinced that she will be able to make a significant contribution to the development of The New Institute with her wealth of ideas, enthusiasm and excellent networking.

This professional shift coincides with the end of the current appointment period of the WBGU and the public announcement of the Institute in Hamburg.

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