Digitalization: What we need to talk about

A major technical revolution is underway. How will it change the coexistence of humankind on this planet? What goals will it serve? What opportunities and risks does it involve? Who will gain or lose power in its wake? How can it be used to solve humankind’s great challenges?


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The WBGU believes it is essential to shape digitalization with a view to the necessary transformation towards sustainability. These questions are intended to stimulate a debate on this topic and to encourage people to get involved in these developments. In the course of its current work on a report dealing with the relationship between digitalization and sustainability, the WBGU will organize various events at which the above questions can be discussed.

Podcast der Begrüßung von Sabine Schlacke (13 Minuten)
Podcast der Keynote von Dirk Messner (12 Minuten)
Podcast der Gesprächsrunde (89 Minuten)