Conference30.06.2021, Webinar

Launch event: Presentation of the report Rethinking Land in the Anthropocene

Only if there is a fundamental change in the way we manage land, we can reach the targets of climate-change mitigation, avert the dramatic loss of biodiversity and make the global food system sustainable, this is the key message of the report “Rethinking Land in the Anthropocene: from Separation to Integration”, recently submitted to the German Federal Government.

    The report will be presented for the first time (in English) to the public and commented by two invited experts. The subsequent discussion (incl. Q&A) will focus on the problems and challenges of governance and implementation on the ground.


    Welcome and introduction

    • Rebecca Freitag


    Presentation of the report

    • Presentation by Prof Sabine Schlacke und Prof Karen Pittel (Co-chairs WBGU)


    Comments by (focus implementation and governance)

    • Tina Birmpili PhD, UNCCD Deputy Executive Secretary
    • Florent Kaiser, Executive Director, Global Forest Generation


    Panel discussion

    • Tina Birmpili PhD, UNCCD
    • Prof Markus Fischer, WBGU/University of Bern
    • Florent Kaiser, Global Forest Generation



    • Rebecca Freitag