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World in Transition - Environment and Ethics

Should people be allowed to do everything they want? Should humankind be allowed to use nature and the environment completely for its own ends?


More and more people are questioning the limits of human intervention in nature. What is ethically allowed and what should be prohibited? In a new special report, the "German Advisory Council on Global Change" (WBGU) offers some answers to these difficult questions. At the same time it has drawn up a number of principles, which should not be violated, even where there are big economical gains. In addition, in a democratic and culturally diverse society it is the task of ethics to lay down generally binding criteria for weighing up between nature-related and, for example, economic matters. With these tools of ethical and economical criteria the Federal Government of Germany could support the interests of environmental protection at the international level.

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Welt im Wandel – Umwelt und Ethik

World in Transition - Environment and Ethics