Planetary Health: What we need to talk about

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us how vulnerable we are and how closely connected we are with Nature. Health cannot be taken for granted. Do we take the prerequisites for healthy living seriously enough? Or are we, as a civilization, systematically jeopardizing our health?


The WBGU is currently working on the interconnections between health and global environmental change and would like to put forward three assertions and ten sets of questions for discussion.

1. Our lifestyle is making us ill and is destroying the planet.

2. Healthy people can only exist on a healthy planet.

3. We must initiate a civilizational transformation for planetary health.




More on the Subject


Planetary Health: How do we want to shape our future?

The WBGU recently published a discussion paper "Planetary Health: What we need to talk about". The aim of this four-pager is to stimulate a discussion on the role of health in the global transformation towards sustainability. The insights gained from this dialogue process are incorporated into the Advisory Board's discussions on its new  flagship report (forthcoming early 2023). The  public presentation and discussion of the new paper on December 14 is part of this dialogue process (the presentation of the paper in German will follow in early February 2022).