E-Seminar "Transformation"

In this E-Seminar members of the German Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU) and invited speakers present the report «World in Transition – A Social contract for Sustainability«. The series of lectures starts with an interview that provides a comprehensive overview about the global transformation towards a low-carbon society. Subsequent lectures highlight the characteristics of the so-called »anthropocene«, including the main impacts of climate change. A detailed view on concepts of transformation is presented and aspects of technical and economic feasibility are adressed in detail. The role of the state and change agents in the transformation process are also examined. Finally, you will become familiar with some instruments and measures that can advance the great transformation towards sustainability. A special lecture focuses on the role of scientific advice in policy making and explains the functioning of the WBGU and how the WBGU produces scientific policy advice. Finally recommendations for action and research will be given.

The E-Seminar has been produced in cooperation with the Virtual Academy Sustainability, University of Bremen (Germany) and provides freely available lectures on sustainablity at no charge for university students. For further information and user support please look at: http://va-web.zmml.uni-bremen.de/vabne_de/index.php/video?id=21&x=1.

The E-Seminar is also a contribution to the Science Year 2012 of the German Federal Ministry for Research and Education (BMBF) „Project Earth – Our Future“.

Lecture 0 - Introduction

Dr. Inge Paulini, Nadine Dembski