Dr. Sebastian Karl

Health Research Analyst

Sebastian Karl

Sebastian Karl is a health research analyst and has been working with the WBGU since June 2021. He also works as a physician at the Central Institute for Mental Health in Mannheim, where he is completing his residency in psychiatry and conducting research focused on therapy for psychiatric diseases. Before his work at the WBGU, he worked as a medical writer. In addition to his work at the WBGU, he is involved in local politics with a focus on health, the environment, and climate. He earned a degree in Molecular Medicine (B.Sc.) from Ulm University, and completed his studies in Medicine at Ulm University, Università Campus Bio-Medico in Rome and the Université de Montpellier. As a visiting scholar at the University of Arizona in Tucson, USA, he worked on the prevention of cardiovascular risk in bereavement, which was the topic of his dissertation (Dr. med.).