Special Reports

Special reports address specific topics of global change. Comprising 50–100 pages, they are published as the need arises and can be commissioned by the federal government.

Solving the climate dilemma: The budget approach

Special Report 2009
58 p., 2 tab., 12 fig.


The Future Oceans – Warming Up, Rising High, Turning Sour

Special Report 2006
110 pages, 3 Tables, 28 Figures, ISBN 3-936191-14-X


Climate Protection Strategies for the 21st Century. Kyoto and Beyond

Special Report 2003
77 p., 4 tables, 24 figure, brochure, ISBN 3-936191-04-2


Charging the Use of Global Commons

Special Report 2002

WBGU, Berlin, © 2002, 48 p., 7 tables, ISBN 3-9807589-8-2


World in Transition - Environment and Ethics

Special Report 1999

This text has not been published in book form but a printed copy can be downloaded.


Targets for Climate Protection 1997

Special Report 1997

WBGU, Bremerhaven, © 1997, 36 Pages.