Archiv Reports


Special Reports

1998The Accounting of Biological Sinks and Sources Under the Kyoto Protocol - A Step Forwards or Backwards for Global Environmental Protection?germanenglish
1997Targets for Climate Protection 1997germanenglish
1995Scenario for the derivation of global CO2-reduction targets and implementation strategiesgermanenglish

Policy Papers

2007New impetus for climate policy: making the most of Germany's dual presidencygermanenglish
2005Development needs Environmental Protection: Recommendations for the Millennium + 5 Summitgermanenglish
2004Renewable energies for sustainable development: Impulses for renewables 2004germanenglish
2002Charging the Use of Global Commonsgermanenglish
2001The Johannesburg Opportunity: Key Elements of a Negotiation Strategygermanenglish


2009Factsheet 3/2009: The WBGU Budget Approachgermanenglish
2009Factsheet 2/2009: Climate change: Why 2°C?germanenglish
2009Factsheet 1/2009: Bioenergygermanenglish