Policy Papers

Policy papers are short texts (approx. 20 pages) focussing on issues requiring current policy action. They tackle urgent aspects of global change and are usually produced in preparation for key conferences.

Financing the Global Energy-System Transformation

Policy Paper 7

WBGU, Berlin, 2012

40 p.


Climate Policy Post-Copenhagen: A Three-Level Strategy for Success

Policy Paper 6
WBGU, Berlin, © 2010
20 p., Mai 2010, ISBN 978-3-936191-35-6


New impetus for climate policy: making the most of Germany's dual presidency

Policy Paper 5

WBGU, Berlin, © 2007
20 p., out of print, ISBN 978-3-936191-16-6


Development needs Environmental Protection: Recommendations for the Millennium + 5 Summit

Policy Paper 4
WBGU, Berlin, 2005
20 p., out of print, ISBN 3-936191-10-7


Renewable energies for sustainable development: Impulses for renewables 2004

Policy Paper 3

for the International Conference for Renewable Energies in Bonn

WBGU, Berlin, 2004, 24 p., out of print, ISBN 3-936191-06-9


Charging the Use of Global Commons

Policy Paper 2
Summary of the Special Report of the WBGU
WBGU, Berlin, 2002, 20 p., out of print, ISBN 3-9807589-00-X


The Johannesburg Opportunity: Key Elements of a Negotiation Strategy

Policy Paper 1
for the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) in Johannesburg
WBGU, Berlin, 2001, 20 p., out of print, ISBN 3-9807589-6-6