WBGU events at United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (Habitat III), Quito/Ecuador

Comic launch The urban planet - How cities save our future


16.10.2016, 12-12.45, German Pavilion (organized by WBGU)


Speaker: Frauke Kraas (WBGU, University of Cologne), Benno Pilardeaux (WBGU)


A comic condenses into an illustrated story the fundamental findings of Humanity on the move - Unlocking the transformative power of cities, a report published by the German Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU). 

Transformative Strategies for the Century of Cities


19.10.2016, 13-13:45, Urban Library (organized by WBGU and World Resources Institute)


Speaker: Frauke Kraas (WBGU, University of Cologne), Ani Dasgupta (Global Director, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities)


Moderator: Gesa Schöneberg


In this metropolitan century, cities are crucial for a successful transformation toward a sustainable future. This is the starting point of the new reports by the German Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU) and the World Resources Institute (WRI). Through a cross-sectoral lens, WBGU's state-of-the-art analysis emphasizes the transformative power of cities and the importance of urban governance and citizen engagement. While WBGU's work provides an overarching framework and necessities for the city of the future, WRI's presentation will draw from the World Resources Report (WRR) to dive deep into the issues of accessibility and sustainable mobility. The WRR will focus on strategies and practical solutions for enabling transformative change.

The transformative power of cities. Negotiated land use as local action for global change


20.10.2016, 14-14.45, German Pavilion (organized by WBGU)


Frauke Kraas (WBGU), Francisco Fernandez (Executive Assistant of the major of Cebu, Philippines).


Moderator: Benjamin Stephan


In its recent flagship report "Humanity on the Move: The Transformative Power of Cities", the WBGU introduces urban land use as one of three transformative action fields of great importance. Urban land is contested and the right of use substantially affects the social, economic and ecological development of cities. The event will start with a brief introduction of the WBGU's recommendations relating to urban land use, followed by a short commentary by two invited practitioners, who will sketch out the challenges they are facing and the solutions they found in their cities.

New alliances for sustainable urban future 


18.10.2016, 12-12.45, German Pavillon (BMBF event)


Frauke Kraas (University of Cologne, WBGU) et. al.