Current events with WBGU members

25 September 2017: Prof. Schellnhuber will hold a lecture on „Norms for Dealing with Nature: The Case of Climate Change“. The lecture is part of the conference „norm und natur“ of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Philosophie, Humboldt Universität Berlin 

11-13 October 2017: Prof. Schellnhuber will held a lecture on  “Avoiding the Unmanageable, Managing the Unavoidable.“: A Slogan Revisited“. The lecture is part of the "Impacts World Conference" in Potsdam.

WBGU Chair Dirk Messner will be giving the opening address at the 25th EEAC Annual Conference:

"25 years of Environmental and Sustainability policies in the EU: Overcoming hurdles and remaining challenges“

12 October 2017

Maastricht, the Netherlands


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Completed Events

Conference: The Transformative Power of Cities

29 June 2017, 13.00 – 21.00

Location: Berlin, silent green Kulturquartier

WBGU Side-Event auf COP22

Science-Policy Dialogue to Reach Paris   Targets   via   Transformation   at   All   Levels   of   Governments


Marrakesch, Marokko

WBGU events at Habitat III

16. – 20. October 2016

Quito, Ecuador

KfW Development Bank and the German Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU)

"The Metropolitan Century – Can we achieve the Transformation towards Sustainability?"

26th April 2016


Side Event at UNFCCC - COP21 in Paris

Joint Side Event of the German Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU), the German Development Institute (DIE) and the World Resources Institute (WRI)

8 December 2015, 16:45 h - 18:15 h

Observer Room 2, Hall 4, Le Bourget, Paris (Blue Zone, badge needed)